By the time Friday rolls around, my queue is full of half- and nearly done tasks or minor stuff I've been putting off over the course of the week. I'm usually tired, Kay's usually tired, so I usually feel like I'm dragging my way through the day - but I'm actually not feeling bad today, just lazy. So it's almost 1 PM and I haven't gotten too much done but, to be fair to myself, I've gotten all the important shit done and it's been raining all morning, so mowing the grass is right out.

So, whatever, right?

I'm not done being regular busy, but I'm pretty caught up on the most intense stuff, so now I get to bother with more interesting matters like, uh, what I'm doing in the future. Some of this is house stuff - we're going to Lowe's tomorrow to pick up material for the raised bed garden which is, admittedly, late to the party. I mean, this is purely a time problem, where we literally didn't have either the means or the time for one or both of us to get out and when we did, it was either still the dead of winter or else we were dead broke. I'm less interested in explicitly growing a huge amount of food this year (though I'll be growing some - especially tomatoes and green beans) than I am in simply succeeding in this bit of yard terraforming.

In the past we'd done some experiments, including just tilling the earth in the yard (grueling work, even with just grass) and using untreated wooden slats as walls for a slight raised earth bed. Both were a little successful and the latter was actually pretty successful, but the wood proved to have a limited shelf life and we were forced to tear down the beds. The math on building is really easy, and now that we have an income, the price feels really small - something that was impossible to reckon with in any reasonable way becomes trivially simple with only a small amount of reliable income. If this goes particularly well, I'm hoping to help friends in the areas do their own gardening stuff and sharing produce. All part of my sinister, long term master plan.

I'm in the process of working up a new CV/resume, and thinking up lesson plans for composition, creative writing, and prospective literature roles - the latter being a much looser, conceptually driven project since I haven't had any offers. The first two are far more likely and although I've already taught composition, I'd like to re-work my lesson plans based on my experiences and preferences. Composition needs to spend more time with digital writing and acknowledge a need to build an independent voice and writing process. Creative writing is typically less structured but, frankly, I view both classes as two sides of a single coin. Composition is inherently creative and creative writing is more than just fiction and poetry (though those are as important as ever).

I've also resumed academic note-taking for future projects.
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