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( Sep. 1st, 2013 10:03 am)
Halfway through the workweek for me - I get a full 8 hours for Labor Day and because Labor Day's tomorrow and Sunday isn't the end of the week, I get an extra hour today, too. That's what Labor Day means, right? Out upper management doesn't understand the irony, so my amused chortling was lost on them.

I've gotten two letters in! It's a new month, so that's a good time to start writing back. I don't know how I feel about Syria, yet, [ profile] writer_lynn. I know I'm the kind of person who should have an informed opinion already for you, but I'm deeply burnt out these days on stuff like that. I'll read up a little bit and I'll give you the full scoop on paper. I don't feel obligated to get cool stationary for writing letters, I just think it'd be fun. On the scale of things that cost money, it's not especially high, anyhow.

I'm finishing up my list of stuff I'm supposed to do before I make another ambitious list of stuff I'm supposed to do, but it's going well. I've done most of the easy stuff, in any case, so now we're to the parts that have been a long time in the making - re-arranging several rooms of the house, finishing some writing bits. I once made a promise that I'd write fan fiction for Kay of all things to promise. It's for Scott Pilgrim, and the prompt I have is really not safe for work, and it's really likely it's never making it out of this house, but it's a writing project between 2k and 5k words depending on how I feel about it.

I finished up my old reading list except for Oryx and Crake which recently came back to the library here in Belleville. I'm reading the Euthanatos book for Mage, O&C, and just finished Good Omens. I have a lot of opinions about Mage, and I'm not going to do the WIR again, but if anyone wants to hear them, I'll post some (after I finish the splat book).

My notes for running a D&D/Pathfinder game are looking more positive. I have two people who might want to play, I promised a third way back that I'd talk to them if I was going to run one so I owe her a call (or message, as the case may be). I'd like between 4 and 6 people if I can get it going, but there's been some unpleasant drama lately. I've talked to Frank about gaming events, but he's said he's really busy. I know he's running at least one Exalted gaming session on occasion, and I don't know if he's playing, but I suppose that would do it. It's a shame, really. I was playing in two and suddenly they're not being run anymore, and I can't for the life of me think of why. Honestly, though, that level of gaming plus work is probably going to mean he doesn't have time for another sessions, and he's never been much for the whole rules suite, anyhow. Mikey, what do you think about you and Megan? I don't know if you're still reading these or how busy you two already are. I might have to buzz you about it, sometime.
I feel like I've been talking too much, recently, and crowding everyone else out on LiveJournal - I don't know how talkative the rest of your friends are, though. But, well, I've been brainstorming for future games and working towards the one that I've got going now. The one I'm running I keep putting off, but it's on the to-do list and I can't actually start anything new that's fun without knocking that thing down for good, so it's inevitable.

The project names are obviously just me screwing around before I come up with real campaign names. I've wanted to run games for a group for a while, partially because the pressure from multiple people is cumulative and gets me off my ass and partially because I miss multiple person collaboration at a table (real or virtual). Deep Thought is the city-wide D&D game, and the deal with that is simply that the idea is too much fun for me not to try to tackle at all. Uneasy Sunrise is my hopeful plans for an Exalted game, which may end up being run over Skype.

I got an email from the Kickstarter for the Exalted 3e project that, even though the schedule shows Exalted being released in October, it's not likely to actually happen because the Charms still need work. I'm willing to wait for a good book. The problem with Exalted is that I have only the meanest idea of where I'm going on that. I have some Infernals in the works, and that's going to be iffy because there isn't going to be an Infernals book and I'm going to need to see how much legwork I'll need to do with the support offered to me right out of the box. I have some Wyld Hunt ideas, some ronin Dragon-Blooded, and some home-brew stuff that I've never seen support for in earlier editions that I've already mentioned. (I had e-mailed the Exalted team about that just before and just after the news about 3rd Ed and new Exalt types, and none of them are what I had proposed either, which means that I may or may not get an e-mail in the far future. But probably not.) My project notes for Exalted is literally just a list of things that could be in a game. I could always run 2.5...

Deep Thought is a lot of work. I have no idea at all when something like that is going to be ready for prime time. I don't think I've said much about it here - I haven't talked about my love and hard work with D&D from 2nd Ed. on up until now for quite a long time. If anything, surely I just dropped it out here as a vague idea and went on my way, but plenty of my friends have heard all about it in person. The idea that someone has stumbled onto a mega-dungeon is not a new one, but I've never been much for simple dungeons-for-dungeons sake.

I had, for a long time, been interested in this idea of a D&D game that held to the rules really scrupulously. Like, on how to find new spells or research them, use of downtime, encumberance and movement rates, spell components, stuff like that. I don't think I've ever played a game - even a one shot - where we used all those rules. Back in the past, they always seemed like a headache. My friends don't even particularly care for rules in a general sort of way and D&D has always been at the root of that. But I found them interesting; how much does the play experience change when you're using this stuff? What if there's an actual dungeon-like thing, or you're in the field for an extended amount of time?

So I wondered, what if, instead of a normal dungeon, the characters are raiding a ruined, now-mostly-underground arcology? The prizes dredged up aren't just gold and gems (which would still weigh plenty) but trinkets and items long forgotten. Ancient bottles of intact wine, books and journals - not items of power but items of scholarly worth, art objects and old pottery, children's toys and weapons both mundane and bearing unusual enchantments? How much do you keep for yourself and how much do you try to sell and find a buyer for? Which of this stuff is actually priceless and which of it is just old junk? Instead of traps, there are environmental issues that are trap-like (and also, sometimes, still traps) - weak ground, rock falls, dangerous walls, unseen pits that go stories.

The PCs would come from different parts of the kingdom - the little town on the edge of the empire becomes a boom town, like if there were a gold rush. The PCs get in early and rent rooms, but gradually come to be almost like minor nobility. Crime comes to the town. Claim jumpers wait outside the entrance for exhausted arcology raiders to come up for air. People from home send aid or ask for money. There's a civil war brewing in the capitol. The game would be patterned around four different seasons, as they plan their expedition - planning and laying in supplies, actual raiding, finding buyers and determining worth (dealing with the town's issues), and dealing with circumstances from home.

I'll probably be moving to Pathfinder to run that one, though, providing I can get it off the ground. 
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( Jul. 15th, 2010 09:34 am)
I've kept busy this week, and that was the goal. I was downright wholesome this week so far and did all the stuff I was supposed to, going to bed at decent hours, ect, et al. Do I get a cookie? My future's still up in the air, and there's not too much I can do about it at this point, so there's not too much point worrying about it now.

I was wicked frustrated yesterday. I came off of work with a headache and headed home to rendevous with Frank to drive to O'Fallon and play Warcraft, but he was neither there, nor did he appear soon afterwards, nor answer his phone. About half an hour there, I called the DM to see if everything was square, and he was already there. He'd just left his phone off and everyone was waiting for me, so off I went, 10 minutes late.

In previous games, I couldn't succeed at anything, really. This game I was actually able to make a few rolls over 10, and thus actually kind of participate. I play in a game where one player dual-wields pistols and another is an ogre-orc crossbreed with a giant axe, so pretty much nothing I do is going to make me the main damage guy, which is fine. I've got the vast majority of the skills ranks, providing they're useful. I'm still holding out for them to do anything besides delay an inevitable combat for a few minutes.

I did have to end the game about halfway through. That's my bane. I have work and they run the game on a Wednesday night. I get a good idea of what it's like to play in a game at our place, because I take off early and wake up to find evidence that my roommate returned like, 4 hours later. I'm pretty sure that everyone just gets hammered after I leave, and it kind of makes me glad that I just leave early since that would ruin me the next day.

We had a second game, and it's confirmed that it's not going through. Can't really blame the DM for that, since he's getting married, then moving, then a bunch of the other players arn't available.... and it's just a huge headache. Now, my schedule is fine with just one game a week, and it saves me a lot of headaches, so I may actually either wait or just make it once a month until the other game's over. Running and playing takes way more then just two days out of my week, in the overall.

The rest of the week - maybe one busy day, then housekeeping, FFXI (providing my machine doesn't brick), and messing about with Brent's nExalted thing a bit, probably. I kinda wanna call it AltExalt.
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( Jul. 11th, 2010 10:41 pm)
I'm not sticking around here long, and I really don't have it in me to go over the whole weekend, anyhow. I really didn't get to bed at reasonable hours these last few days, or anything. Friday was D&D and then playing games until daylight started to creep over the horizon. If yesterday was an earlier night, it was only by a little, resulting in 3 AM eggs, hashbrowns, and a cup of coffee at the local Waffle House. Today was a lot of unexpected fun when I was invited to a last minute outdoor grill with friends from college and one friends roommates. They'd been friends for years, but I'd never met them.

It's really nice to meet new people; I guess it happens when you don't expect it.

I don't know if we're going to be playing another D&D game with the general group. It was supposed to be 4 sessions, then it was whittled down to 3, and complications seem to imply no additional games. I don't know why, and I don't know if it really matters all that much. I was exceptionally curious to see how the game would go with a bunch of people suddenly vaulted to level 15, and possessing the means to succeed at nearly any end. I'm unlikely to see that in the near future - however, I'm still playing in the Warcraft D&D game, so even though we gain much slower, it may be consistent enough to eventually get to that level cap.

Now to bed.
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( Jul. 8th, 2010 11:13 am)
Plenty of stuff going on, more of less low-key. This week's only four days long and has game nights on two of those week nights, creating a pretty busy atmosphere for me. I wrapped up another World of Warcraft paper and pencil RPG night yesterday and tomorrow's the return of the D&D game.

I'm playing a Rogue in Warcraft, and the breakdown's almost identical to D&D. Sneak Attack's gotta catch someone flatfooted or flank. I've found that I've been almost useless so far, because I either really have nothing to hide at or the enemies have been amazing at detecting my presence. It's just the rolls, but those are the breaks. There's also the fact that it's a new DM and a new assistant DM, and they dig their plot, with what they imagine the resolution's going to be. He's trying not to railroad; you can see the gears turning in his head when we do something that could drive the game off track. I proposed a diplomatic/bluff solution to one problem and succeeded right up to the point where it would have any kind of effect and got a 'Well, you convinced them, but they're still not leaving.', at which point we just gunned them down.

I don't know if that's going to be how it goes down the whole time. I'd like to talk with him to see if he's conscious of how it appears, but ultimately, it's his game. Social scenarios and skill checks are almost always the D&D problem child, so I'm interested in how that goes. I'm the social guy, and I was planning on taking a class called 'Infiltrator', so my enjoyment kind of hinges on that.

The other thing is that I got my FFXI account back and working, which is nice. It basically turns some of my free time to MMO time, which is slightly less social then I've been in the past, but I've missed doing that kind of thing. There've been some changes to the game, including a cap at level 80. I don't really forsee this sucking up my whole life, since I don't really even have the attention span to play for long periods even when I want to. So, uh, just a hobby. I don't even have a 75 yet.
There are a list of things that I need to do today, again, and some of them are things I ought to have done over the weekend. I'm set to two games a week, which is almost too much. I agreed to write AP for Matt's one-a-decade game because nobody else wanted to and I'm trying to write AP for my Changeling game, but because that one's already wrapped up, it gets a back burner to keep it warm. I went to Wednesday's Warcraft D20 game and actually closed the game down early by virtue of having to leave at about 10:30 in order to get home by 11:00 and go to bed. Frank ended up getting a ride with someone else on the way back, and came in at around 2:30 AM, which I know because they woke me up.

I feel like I'm making the right calls, here, but still kind of begrudge that all my friends seem to be able to stay up however late they want and I'm ending games in the middle of an adventure because I want to go to bed 'early'. That really is just whining though. Besides, it's a virtue that I'm able to say 'Regardless of what you all are doing, I have my own requirements.'

Every now and then, something obviously weird hits the pipe, like me waking up this morning and seeing an invitation to samurai movie night starting at 7:30, this Thursday. And I'm like, yeah, if I didn't have laundry and the apartment didn't need cleaning, and I didn't have to write this before tomorrow, and if I didn't really have other people I knew or have work in the morning, I'd love to go. It's important not to read that as snark, because it's actually all legit. That's just the MO of the crew.

I don't know how long the Warcraft game will last. Standard D&D is four sessions and a wrap, so after that, I'll set a new schedule.
It's Saturday, so that means I get to sit around in my pjs at 11 AM, drinking coffee and waiting for the hot water heater to do its thing. That is a device that has never been repaired. If I so much as want to wash my hands in hot water, I usually need to wait 20 minutes.
After three cups of coffee on a weekend, I get totally pumped about my expectations for the day, though. Seriously do.

It's probably another kind of bust weekend. Friday was a more or less surprise D&D game and a serious blast from the past. My roommates older brother, and a long time friend, is running a series of games in the future of a setting he had run about 8 years ago. I remember playing the initial game in his apartment in downtown St Louis when I was a teenager, before I had to drop out because I had a part time job. It's D&D, so now instead of Exalted books, the living room in our apartment possesses 3.5 books piled on every available surface that's not previously covered by a combination of empty alcohol containers, tea cups, coffee cups, books and character sheets from old games, dice, and one lava lamp.

It's almost supernatural how I clean this place up right nice, and about 45 minutes later it becomes a nerd bachelor pad again. I blame that we routinely house between 4 to 6 20-somethings on an almost nightly basis which, no matter how clean they try to be (and they make the attempt), this shit accumulates.

I got my new clothes in! One fishnet shirt, one additional t-shirt (because I have to replace old ones, not because I'm terribly impressed by t-shirts), and my new orange hair dye. I still need new clothing, but this is a start in the right direction.

Water's hot. I'm going to do that thing, now, and then I've got to lay out plans for the day. I keep saying I'm going to work on nExalted, and I wanna, so I'm going to take those notes. I have writing I really need to accomplish, too. This list, it accumulates. I'll link anything noteworthy.


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