I'm not apt to spurn a paycheck, and I'm not likely to have the chance this semester, since things didn't go to plan. That's the good and the bad in one sentence. Technically, things can still come through, so rather then beat myself up about it, I can acknowledge that there's a substantial boon in waiting until some things are paid off or much closer to and I'll have better savings. So that's it for a little while then.

I'm still working on Mage. I have to build a city, and I really want to look over stuff like Boston, Mysterious Places, Sanctum and Sigil, and stuff like that again. It's still in the design phase because I've been very busy with other stuff, and I don't even have my playgroup yet. I like to design NPCs and setting elements with them so they're invested from the beginning. I also kinda want to use all that stuff, even if nobody sees the work that goes into it but me.

Um, I bought Persona 4 online, after checking two Best Buys and two local GameStops. And while the manager of the Collinsville GameStop was very charming, I did not give her money because she did not have any of the games I wanted at the moment. That probably will be my first check in the future, though, because it really was a swell first impression. Anyway, I always skimp on the shipping so I can expect it sometime... man, like, next month. In the mean time, I've got to the very end of Dead Space, even if I never finish the last boss. I've been spoilered on the ending, and honestly I'm about as meh as you can be on it, in a very general sort of way.

The game itself has been good. Not great and not awful, either. It loses a lot of points because you see everything the game's got a little less then halfway through, and it doesn't really mix it up from there. It's got the 'ambush you as soon as you press the button', the 'every time you succeed, something negates it', the 'it's horror so the controls aren't very good', the 'cut-scene ambush', and the occasional 'flood of misshapen creatures'.

That's all standard action-horror stuff, so I didn't get pissed and kick it out of bed. But I did toy with the idea sometimes, because really, I'm mostly sticking with it out of sheer bloody mindedness. For other, maybe better, gamers, it's probably no big. I bet you'd be able to complete the whole sha-bang much more quickly. For me, I kept losing interest.

For all that, it had its good points. It was pretty good at scenery and the action was solid. The guns are cool, and I liked the feeling I got after I had just fought down this big, flesh-skewering monstrosity with my fusion cutter or just wailed on it savagely with the melee attack. I'd stomp on it, and curse, and then throw it over a bridge with telekinesis. Sometimes I'd sing a riff from LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out.", probably to Frank's chagrin.

I fuckin' love that song, though.
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( May. 21st, 2010 03:08 pm)
My mind is on Exalted at a point when I have better things to do. I spent, like, a shitload of time writing up Exalted information in the last two posts. Posts that had mysteriously vanished or, perhaps, had never been posted at all. These are all things that bubbled up from the muck half-formed, hecatonchires to be put down. Nobody wants those hanging around at parties. 

exalted )

That's a lot of Exalted, but I can promise you that it wasn't the full measure of the beast. You don't know what you've avoided.

vidya games )
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( Apr. 12th, 2010 02:48 pm)
I went to the zoo on Sunday, with Friends. A stop at Fritz's for root beer and burgers, then a day at the St Louis zoo is ok. Surrounded by crushing traffic and a mob of toddlers, disaffected teenagers and their parents, but I got to see penguins.

I can make even a fun day sound awful. It's a talent nurtured by practice.

Abyssals is wrapping up, and so is Changeling, probably. It's not been a long arc, to be honest. The options suggested as follow up games include 'Kill Sam Walton', 'Bob Barker is a Lich', and 'Save Utah!'. Yesterday, a major plot was circumvented by way of a trip to Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and a fertilizer bomb. It's an interesting group to run for.

I made a mistake and reinstalled Civ 2.

Now that I have a Playstation 3 again, I'm playing Dead Space. It holds up very well, even as far as halfway through, where many games tend to lose the potency of the opening minutes. It makes a lot of mistakes that are easy to notice, but difficult to avoid or subvert. Monsters that come from nowhere after certain criteria are hit, for example, are not terribly uncommon. But the designers made an effort not to make it too bad, and the atmosphere is always top notch. I enjoy playing it, and I'm hoping to have some final thoughts on it fairly soon, if this is the kind of thing that interests you.
The weather warmed up and, endless gray and salt-encrusted landscape not withstanding, I feel like I can actually function again. I got air in my tires and a terrible haircut, so I'm making progress again where before I just kind of came home and wished for the cold to go. I can deal with bleak, but cold is miserable.

I'm a little cranky about my haircut, because the hairdresser obviously phoned it in. Some regulars came in, and you could actually see her lose interest in cutting my hair. I just let her quit, really, with the caveat that I'm not likely to go back anytime soon. I'll try the place Vi recommended, instead, or something. Maybe I should have done that in the first place, but it looked like a nice place and I was a tired dude with unwashed hair. Yeah, I was basically too embarrassed to get a good hair cut.

Exalted game tonight. Am I excited? Of course I am. Here's a weird dynamic that I brought this up to mention, though. We're basically playing in 'the past' in a game we're already run. We're playing the antagonists to an early Solar game. Our opponents tonight? Our Solar characters from the very first campaign. We can't possibly succeed because we already succeeded before, but I guess we can change the past by doing well in areas that weren't in our purview in the Solar game. This is something that Frank is doing, and it's interesting, but it's a move I would never pull. I don't really like to throw around the term 'de-protagonising', and it's true that it doesn't quite fit, but it's going to take a deft hand to not feel like we're stepping on our own game a little like this. I don't know if you're interested in this, but I kinda am.

Assassin's Creed is over. It was a few subsystems that turned into a game. It feels for all the world like a testing of mechanics that are later to become standard and there were enough that the design team felt that they made a game when a weak plot was layered over them. It sounds like a condemnation, but I didn't even buy it, so I don't really care. I've moved on to Dead Space, which I've heard a lot of strong reviews for. This is another game I didn't buy, but probably would have and so far, my guess is that it's going to turn into something that might be well described as 'Resident Evil, played straight, in space.'

Basically, your bog-standard jump-out-of-nowhere space horrors comprised of the torn and amalgamated flesh of the former crew. You've seen it before, I've seen it before, and it's a fan favorite but after the first few times of being ambushed by pointy flesh-bags, it kind of loses the sparkle. When almost every unattended corpse rises again to perforate your sweet, sweet skull, you just learn to plug everything you see with hot plasma then step on what remains of their face.

It's shaping up to be a good game, let's see if it can keep experiences fresh through the whole thing.


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