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( Jul. 8th, 2010 11:13 am)
Plenty of stuff going on, more of less low-key. This week's only four days long and has game nights on two of those week nights, creating a pretty busy atmosphere for me. I wrapped up another World of Warcraft paper and pencil RPG night yesterday and tomorrow's the return of the D&D game.

I'm playing a Rogue in Warcraft, and the breakdown's almost identical to D&D. Sneak Attack's gotta catch someone flatfooted or flank. I've found that I've been almost useless so far, because I either really have nothing to hide at or the enemies have been amazing at detecting my presence. It's just the rolls, but those are the breaks. There's also the fact that it's a new DM and a new assistant DM, and they dig their plot, with what they imagine the resolution's going to be. He's trying not to railroad; you can see the gears turning in his head when we do something that could drive the game off track. I proposed a diplomatic/bluff solution to one problem and succeeded right up to the point where it would have any kind of effect and got a 'Well, you convinced them, but they're still not leaving.', at which point we just gunned them down.

I don't know if that's going to be how it goes down the whole time. I'd like to talk with him to see if he's conscious of how it appears, but ultimately, it's his game. Social scenarios and skill checks are almost always the D&D problem child, so I'm interested in how that goes. I'm the social guy, and I was planning on taking a class called 'Infiltrator', so my enjoyment kind of hinges on that.

The other thing is that I got my FFXI account back and working, which is nice. It basically turns some of my free time to MMO time, which is slightly less social then I've been in the past, but I've missed doing that kind of thing. There've been some changes to the game, including a cap at level 80. I don't really forsee this sucking up my whole life, since I don't really even have the attention span to play for long periods even when I want to. So, uh, just a hobby. I don't even have a 75 yet.
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( Oct. 19th, 2009 10:28 pm)

Right there. I love that link, and I have for years. It's one of my favorite pieces of fiction, not because it's exquisite; it's pretty little rough around the edges. I love it because it's so engaging. And at the time, you could only assume it wasn't real. As it gets more outlandish, I like it less, but I think it's great inspiration for gaming horror. Horror in gaming is something I'm very taken with. I am on and off on thinking about it and running it, but it creates problems as a genre that action and whimsy do not (those create very different ones). Dionaea House is very early-release NWoD. Something like that is what I think about when I think about the weird, obscure World of Darkness.

So, what the hell am I up to? Your guess is about as good as mine. On a day to day basis, very little. Work makes me tired of dealing with people and very happy to just kind of bottle myself in the house reading or cooking or something. I haven't taken a lot of initiative to get out. During school, my 'work' periods were very academic and I wanted to get out more. When I work customer service, I want to stay in. That explains, to me, why when I have a standard-ish job, I'm much more of a homebody. I'll admit that makes the prospect of gaming daunting sometimes. When a game falls through, I rarely persue an alternative that isn't 'stick around and have a cup of coffee'. It's been a little worse then usual, because work is leaning on the helpdesk a little harder then it used to. We're being squeezed to produce value, but management fails to understand that's not how people actually work. It looks terrific in the short term, but it breeds resentment in the analyst population. I see this happen all the time, but I'm honestly a little disapointed, though I understand exactly how and why it's happening. It's stuff like this that makes me want to avoid business, management, and marketing forever and ever.

I've been playing a lot more FFXI lately. Between Andy and my social group, I've been able to break level caps (I can get up to level 70 of 75!) get my artifact equipment (next up, pants and awesome hat), and generally feel more involved. I really only do a little gaming every day. Large portions of my evening are cleaning, cooking, and often writing and reading. Sometimes I'll spend all day playing video games, but the rarity of that situation is such that me renewed interesting in FFXI means that I've put a hold on Kingdom Hearts II. KH 2 is a much better game then 1, but its story sounds like crossover self-insert fanfiction reads. I realized recently that it's probably like that on purpose.

I want to do some other stuff before bed, and I'm out of interesting things. Good night, everyone.

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( Sep. 12th, 2009 01:59 pm)
There's some stuff I want to do, and my energy for it comes and goes. The reason? Well, I've spent all day dislodging crap in my chest and being occasionally very drowsy. Other then that, I'm swell. I should be feeling right as rain, tomorrow.

I keep wanting to come back to Cam games, but my weekends are pretty packed. There is going to be a point where I can make it happen, but I haven't been able to hit that critical mass of time and opportunity. I don't want to head out for games initially on my own, but I'm going to have to because it's not going to happen otherwise. Brent has other obligations that crop up, so it's pretty clear cut. From what I can recall, he had an opinion that was pretty neutral about the whole endeavor, but other things are consistently more rewarding. For me, it's because I'm really interested in developing one or two characters. Obviously I can take it or leave it, but I'd like to give it a shot.

I had some thoughts about Magic, but I don't think this is really the venue. I got to play FFXI again today for a bit, until I got really sleepy, and that was a lot of fun.

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( Apr. 8th, 2009 11:05 pm)
Brantai has a sickness, and it's game design. Not terribly long ago, he started on a project to convert AD&D Dragonlance to Burning Wheel and ended up doing a full overhaul of the setting into a comprehensive '2.5' system.

He doesn't even like AD&D, people.

Diseased as it was, it was impressive. And now he's working on mashing Exalted and NWoD cosmology for his own devices* if he wants, he'll post it on his journal, and then I'll edit mine to taste, but as of now, it's just the Arcadian Exalts. This is his project, but I'm looking in on it frequently. He's got a bug, ladies and gentlemen, but it's an interesting one.  I'm personally impressed by the mechanics.

And I'm running Exalted again this weekend, finally. I've held out long enough, and now I'm excited about it, so it's a good time to get going. It's the game where, pardon me Brent but you knew about this anyway, one character is apt to be held upside down, one will likely discover who she was supposed to be isn't who she is today, and another is the pawn of a previous incarnation who primarily enjoys complicated boardgames at the edge of existance and nothing.

Today wasn't as productive as it could of been, but I can still knock some goals off the list of things to accomplish. My finances are clear, my move in date is set, most of my things are packed, I neither gibber nor panic, and I've both leveled Thief to 15 in FFXI (and aquired Treasure Hunter and Sneak Attack) and finished Night Watch, the last of a stack of loaned books.

I'm feeling good, healthy, and creative, which is a good mix.

* said devices include 'nothing' and 'sitting on a wiki page regardless of how playable it is'.
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( Jan. 30th, 2009 09:15 pm)
I dearly want to refer to these events as 'going to Prom', but I don't get to because the vernacular is well-established. Anyhow, that's the deal; I have been playing FFXI for years and just like I never got past level 50 until this month, I never did Promies. If you're not familiar with FFXI, it's an event where they put a cap on your level and make you run a gauntlet of dangerous monsters until you face a boss. It's been around for a long-ass time and has long-established procedures for surviving. Half the run is the preperation, the other half is a hard-assed boss. In between, you can still wipe.

I did my second-ever run, and my first success on the Holla map. I was the main healer, and I think we would have wiped except that we were up to the wire and lost our Paladin, and we all kind of busted out our one-in-2 hours moves and I used mine to bring the party to full health at the risk of biting it.

It was a good time! I look forward to doing the other two.
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( Jan. 9th, 2009 07:29 am)
I still can't stop thinking about how much I kind of want to write in-character informational short-essays about the world of FFXI. Making for what is basically the lamest self-insert fan-fiction maybe ever. I mean, nobody would read these things. Does anyone care what the San'd Orian economy would look like based on the drops in nearby areas, or how easy transportation via airship prevents the castle from being overrun by Beastmen? On how the proximity to mining and logging sites made the nation good for weapons production but bad for technological development past steam engines? 

Man, no. But I am such a big nerd.
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( Jan. 8th, 2009 08:15 am)
I've had an account in FFXI for about three years, and I still haven't hit max level on any one job - a goal that can be accomplished much sooner, I assure you. To be fair, I've always prioritized real life, work, school, available finances, quality time with a significant other, going out for coffee, basically whatever over playing this particular game. Probably the biggest holdback was a period without funds followed by a period of exhaustion, combined and followed with sporadic hardware failures* and I'd say that was the space of about 8 months straight.

Even so, 3 years to hit level 50.

Anyhow, I'd totally forgotten that at level 50, you start taking quests to level up in 5-level increments, which is a major pain. I had all my equipment laid out and ready to go when I hit the exp that was supposed to take me over the limit. Without any fanfare or announcement I just stopped progressing, hitting a brick wall 1 exp. short of 8 elemental staves and newfound respectability as an adventurer.

What a drag. It's lucky that FFXI is so exhaustively documented. I would love to experience the confusion of mysteriously stopping at level 50, everywhere Than turns for help to spout the same catch phrases except for one old man hidden in a garden in the back of a palace nobody has any reason to go to. On a logistical level, it boggles my mind that one old dude who enjoys punching people is responsible for everyone leveling past 50. Or maybe it's just me, canonically, and the universe just likes screwing with this particular would-be Red Mage.

That said, I enjoy this game and I actually enjoy it more, lately. I feel like I'm progressing faster, at the expense of not being able to really keep up fully on equipment. As fast as I bring in gil, I spend it, and I haven't had luck with crafting in kind of a while. I need to level alchemy so that I can make bullets. I initially started, long ago, to make bullets for Violet's gun Ranger character and continued long after her transition to White Mage. Never really moved over into crafts that were mage-friendly or produced large quantities of consumables, but it may be time to look in that direction.

*which mysteriously just stopped one day.
I'm having a good day, and that makes me happy. I'll be able to finalize my ticket purchases and set a long term schedule, plus I just got paid. It's hard to overlook the happiness of someone handing you a check and saying, "Ok, now you're richer." I'm still at the point where all of that matters, because I have a backlog of things that need taking care of. Everytime I get paid, I get to check off one or two more, or knock some money off student loans, or something. I get a visceral thrill out of that, which probably says something about me. Who gets excited over fiscal responsibility, anyhow? I should probably work for government.

Anyhow. As weird as that tangent was, I know there's apt to be one or two people who read this that are really interested in talking about money and economics. I feel that if I posted my indepth thoughts, such as I have, about the state of the nations economy or something, somebody would be interested in reading that. More and more, though, there have been topics on my mind that I'd love to talk about on the small scale of journal commenting that just arn't going to find any purchase.

For example, I'm really wanting to get back into FFXI again. Obviously, I can't right now, because my computer bricks everytime I play for an extended period, so I just do stuff in the game that takes less than an hour to accomplish. Crafting, gathering, playing games with the auction house (which is a little like playing the stock exchange on Easy Mode), or whatever. As much as I might be interested in talking about this, or Magic: the Gathering, or a few other things I'm really into right now, there's really no point in me getting into it on my LJ or any other journal, really. But that's what I'm up to.

Still, things are ok. Probably going to be doing rpg grunt work this weekend.



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