The title's taken from something that I'm afraid has become something of an inside joke with a few people that I discuss Magic with up here. Why I'm using it'll become clear presently.

Magic is a game I dig a lot. You may have seen some posts related to it. Magic and I have a difficult relationship because it's fundamentally a consumerist endeavor and I'm not a consumerist type of person. I've got a collector button. For the most part, I can ward it off, but Magic hits a terrible note where the collection seems like it does something. Functionality - even a false functionality - is a terrible lure.

Anyway, I got back in to the game because I enjoy it and because I made a few friends that played. That's a good reason, in my book. My trouble really starts when I begin to tally costs, though. It didn't look so costly when I began! That's what every newbie says. I'll just play casually!  I know that it's cheaper just to outright buy the objects of ones cardboard affection, and I know the cost. Or I thought I did. Basically, I figured that the local store level tournament is like the local club level music scene. If you're causal but decent, you'll do ok, but I'm showing up to the 5 dollar game on Friday and people are playing decks that have a cost that rivals my month's rent. Standard's big dog right now is the 'Baneslayer Angel'. It's the new Very Rare category, and basically spells the end of the game if you can't deal with it right away. If you're playing White, then you need to play 4 Baneslayers. There's very little way around it. You can play something else, but there's no debate that you're playing an objectively inferior card.

It's the same with a slew of cards, actually. There's no way you can play any combination of colors and not play these cards. And they're expensive. My own options are limited. I can go big or go casual, and drop out of tournaments. I really, seriously thought about it, and I've made my choice. I'm going casual. I am not about to bust my wallet and stress about this. That is my sad, grownup decision. Of course, I chuckle when I say that.

Actually, when I 'go casual', it's not so bad. I've got a substantial bank of very potent cards. So basically, I'm taking the kid gloves off. Sad grownup indeed. I took apart my brand new tournament deck and sleeved up 14 year old cards this evening.

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( Oct. 7th, 2009 10:56 pm) Not that it was awful or anything, since it wasn't. Just... unimpressive. Maybe seeds from today will improve tomorrow. I guess there are worse things to hope for.

The deck prototype I worked on failed pretty awfully. It's still a seed of a clever idea, but it's not really anything close to good in its current incarnation. I slapped together something else, and I don't really like it. It's a quick win in theory, but I feel it has a glass jaw.

I've gotten home and it's pretty late, so I don't feel like I've got any time for any meaningful writing. Anything I put down would just be a token to appease my desire to write daily, but I'll probably do it to keep writing something consistently.

And tomorrow's Thursday, which is my easiest day. Plus, I've got some discounted cards coming in the mail, and I think I'm supposed to get my yearbook in (which leads to my driver's license, and I'm not sure if that's a story I've told yet here but that really is a whole different issue).

Have I said anything about Disney buying Marvel. I know it's old news, but I like to rehash that shit a bit because, hey, with new stuff happening every day, it's easy to forget something like that. Or maybe just easy for me. Anyway. There are people that are bent out of shape and people that are enthusiastic (and we geeks are usually pretty negative as a matter of course but...), then there are people like me who instantly realized that Wolverine can now fight along side Sora or whatever in Kingdom Hearts 3: Infinite Cash Franchise. I make a joke like that because KH does pretty much plant a money tree as it's basically just weird Disney/Square-Enix fan-fiction, but people eat it up. But hey, there's nothing wrong with fan-fiction in principle, and the games arn't too bad, so go crazy, Square.

If you like KH, don't tell me you're not dying to see Nightcrawler and Cyclops fighting with Squall, Cloud, and fucking Donald Duck. But seriously, our media has really become myth, and that is the only way this shit could ever happen. And that is something I am dying to research now that I've written down. It is never going to get out of my head.

I just realized I have my entire collection of Texhnolyze with me, which is really kind of a fluke. I think I watched the whole thing, but only technically, because there's a good chance I slept through most of it at the time since I watched it at a point where I was putting movies and shows on to go to sleep with. I must of packed it instead of the Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig, which I don't seem to have on hand. I'm excited about finally watching the whole thing.

I wonder if I can get someone to mail me my set of 2nd Gig, though.

Had dinner with Noe, Brent, and Val for Noe and Val's birthdays.
The Melting Pot is a nice place to eat, and I had a good time. The food was pretty tasty, but I'd heard it was overpriced, and I have to say that I agree. I said I had a good time, so no regrets, but I'm not likely to go back. At least I know what everyone's talking about, though.

I skipped the tourny today, but I'll probably play a bunch of cards tomorrow. I don't know how that'll work. I head it was a barbeque card playing thing, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be outside or something. I pissed someone off with one of my decks last time when I played a counterspell, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. I think I'll think about it for a while tonight.
My, what an exciting day today!
Ok, no. But it was ok. It was pretty good. On a day to day basis, you wouldn't expect a much better one.
I totally found some stools that were what I was looking for, except 6 inches too high. I can swap them out tomorrow, but the good news is that they add something to the space, and it was what I was hoping for, and have unlocked counter space in what may be the lamest in-game achievement ever.

The sad thing is that the is the only furniture I've bought since I got my coffee table, and I'm actually pretty excited about it. They, uh, will improve my quality of life. I wrapped up my evening with a Magic session at the card shop, where I didn't perform spectacularly. I didn't draft anything interesting and I didn't open anything great in my prize pack. (shrug)

Kingdom Hearts added itself to my 'completed titles' list today, and it ended kind of like I expected. (Especially considering that is has several sequels.) KH, like many Square games before it, has a fairly long end-game where you can re-visit zones for items, zip around in your spaceship, and fight bosses. I forwent all of that stuff, since it didn't promise to reveal anything but more levels and equipment. I've played a bunch of these games and have realized that you can blow through the end pretty easily if you want to, so there's no need for that kind of time sink. My speculation proved as accurate as I had guessed.

What to move on to? I guess it doesn't really matter, but I do have KH2, so I might as well. I'm going to skip on Chain of Memories. The plot isn't engaging enough to spend more money on a DS game when I can already guess how it goes.

Sadly, I don't have a Sat. PAX ticket, so I have to wait.
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( Jul. 10th, 2009 10:28 pm)
I didn't expect to do real well. My record for games was 1 and 2, but the 2 were very close. A play mistake lost me one game, but I was probably going to lose it anyhow. My deck would still require tweaking, if it was going to continue to get played, but there's a good chance it won't continue to operate in the form it's in. After tomorrow, I'm apt to scrap it.

I still had a good time, though. It's a kick to play people's creations with your own, and mine was absolutely a lot rougher in design then most other peoples. I won two packs (my record was technically 6-4, which put me square in the middle) and opened up some good stuff. i bought a few more since I was feeling good about my luck, and cracked a 25 dollar rare that I was actually buying from that set in hopes of getting. 

M10 pre-release tomorrow, and I'm going. Updates likely to come on Sunday, edited on to this page.
EDIT for Saturday: (below the cut, because it becomes long)
Quick Notes about my continued weekend. )
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( Jul. 7th, 2009 10:10 am)
I do this very rarely. I've been juggling projects, so I feel like it might be good for me.

Active Projects:
Unnamed novel. - very rough draft, started
Unnamed Serial Experiments: Lain fiction - research, locating previous written work, layout, conceptual drafting
Tournament prep, R/G/B Standard - There's one Standard tournament, and I'm wanting to go. To that end, the deck is mostly finalized, but the project isn't over until I wrap it up or drop. 

Layout for Dream, RPG - I just haven't done it. I'm rubbish with art, so I wanted to use some photos, but I've had to put those on the back burner as well until I fix my computer. Considering dropping all art, altogether. My concept for this is fragile. It's so generic that it's hard to associate art with it.
Structuring of NWoD Adventure - No real incentive. Just doing it for kicks. Briefly considered submission of project.
Exalted Game & Website - May move this up to an active project if the game looks like it'll become active again. Seems like a godd excuse to work on web design chops and writing.

NExalted - Fan project that Brantai is working on. It's not even really for release, I don't guess, but if he finishes it, I suppose it may - may - be on a website. It's a game mashup. It's pretty wicked cool. He's busy and it's not really my vision, so I really only contribute when he brings it up. I don't think I'm currently associated with any other projects.

I've read a series of books this year. Maybe already 10 times what I read last year. If there's any interest at all, I might post a reading list. Allandros, from, did on his LJ and it was interesting to me. I don't know how others feel. There were a bunch of books I borrowed though, and I can't remember all of those anymore. So I guess it's be a little sketchy.

No real reason for posting today. I just wanted to kind of write this out and see what I was really focusing on. I was going to limit it to paper journal, but I re-read and see these a little more and wanted to keep it in mind. It goes on LJ because this is my gaming-stuff and work blog. I mostly keep personal musing on Xanga, which I'm debating these days.
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( Jul. 4th, 2009 12:31 pm)
Shit yeah.

Because I've got a lot to do, instead of going to the tournament today (again), I've stayed home and naturally, I've spent it reading instead of working. Of course, why not? I have a hefty roster of books to move through, and I have been enjoying them. On Wednesday, I stopped in to Half-Price books, browsing its rather anemic Philosophy section. There was one bookcase near the door dedicated to it, next to the 4 or 5 cases touting used volumes of new-age religion. My theory : philosophers are not selling their books back and new age spirituality is overtaking philosophy. Both are likely to be true. There is nothing new about this at all.

I bought Ralph Steadman's "The Jokes Over : Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson" on a lark, because they did not have a bevy of Hunter's work for sale. I had to mosey on over to Barnes and Noble, where they tried to sell me a 20 dollar book card that gives me a discount. If I didn't buy something around 75% of my books from Half Price these days, I would of jumped on it. As it is, I still might. Even 25% is a hefty number. Who knows how many books I have read these last few months already?

Yesterday, I went to the draft tournament and went 2-2 with an absolute wreck of a deck. I placed something like 12th out of 16, only saving my last two games because I was playing against a couple of teenage megalomaniacs with vacent eyes and awful voices. "What." I thought. "It looks like their mother dressed them." and I think she might of. I saw her later, beaten and terrible, with a bent nose and a small stick that she beat those boys about the heads and shoulders with. What a terrible life they must lead, and that is where they must of picked up their terrible habits. I had to denounce one in front of the store when he attempted to cheat for the third or fourth time.

"No!" I shouted. He looked genuinely shocked. Nobody up till now had commented. I felt bad, but I didn't know what else to do. Explaining calmly hadn't worked, and besides knocking him about, I couldn't think of any better way to stop him from doing whatever he please, short of asking him to be ejected from the store. "Better a battered ego" I thought "then outright rejection. He will get over this." But he still lost.

Next Friday is the last Standard tournament that my deck will be able to be registered for. I have not gotten to play (and lose) with it in any sanctioned format as of yet, and I want to do it before next Saturday's pre-release, so I am strongly thinking about attending over my regular duties. This is long and awful, so I will cut it for you. You don't need this crap plugging up your friends list. It is bad enough I post so much as it is, I understand.
Magic Crap below the cut. )

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( Jun. 25th, 2009 11:51 pm)
I felt like pulled a little too thin when I got off work today, so I settled in for a quiet night with a shower, eating some ice cream, and buying about 15 dollars worth of grab-bag material off a website for causal Magic decks. Things being what they are, I'm unlikely to do anything else productive tonight. Everything I got was just fun shit. Cheap, casual, and fun. Basically, if I'm going to blow a little cash on something like this, it's one of the perfect selections. I'm excited about getting my cardboard in the mail.

As long as I was online, I figured 'what the hell'. Someone at the game shop had encouraged me to invest in playing Vintage, which is just a Magic format that uses every set instead of the most recent ones. In the past, I played this format because I tended to buy newer packs and trade them when their value was at their highest for cards from older sets whose value were still accruing. In this way, I never acquired the most expensive cards, but I did get a substantial body of what you would consider 'must plays'. If you play Black, you must play Demonic Tutor. If you play Blue, you are running 4 Force of Will. Since I'm getting back into the game, I briefly considered pricing some of these must haves. Back in the day, I had a deck that would run these cards to good effect. I look at the price of Force of Will now and realize that I can get four beat up copies for just over a hundred dollars.

Swell. There is no way I am about to drop a hundred dollars on four cards right now, regardless of my love for the game.
The real shame is I had no idea how much the prices on these cards had gone up. I had traded for them specifically for that reason, but basically I would say that the value of that stolen binder has doubled by now. If I had it today and sold its contents online, I could probably pay off most of the rest of my car. (frowny face)

Well, such is life, right? I only killed about 10 minutes doing that, so it's not worth fretting about, but it is an interesting consideration. I hope the guy that stole those cards had the good sense to hold on to them and sell them now. You know what I bet, though? They got stole at Archon, so I bet the goon that did it played them without sleeves and they're all wrecked today. XD It's serve that person right!

I'm in desperate need of a haircut and a new wardrobe, but I'm going to have to settle for the former since I 'm short on paychecks this month. Things are going to pick right up starting July 1, though, meaning that I'm actually way ahead. It's a tough call between buying new clothing and paying more money off on the car, so I'll probably settle for some clothing I really like and then split the difference.  Tomorrow morning is hair cut day, and to beat traffic, I'm going into Issaquah for the game way early. I'm planning on maybe having lunch out then taking photos. I think I'm starting to get a decent eye, so I'm really looking forward to the practice.

In addition : Oh, I didn't realize I already had a photography tag. Neat.
Part 2 : Reading this over real quick, I noted that I never found out who stole my stuff, so I purposely tried to avoid assigning a gender to the thief. Obviously I slipped, though, because in the sentence right before I refer to said thief as 'guy'. So, there's your assumption of a male when no gender is known for ya.
Friday isn't a weekend day, I know. It's my day off, though, so it counts for me. The RP session got canceled because our GM is basically going to be stuck at work (which is a bummer for us and him, incidentally), so instead, Brent, Val, and I are going to check out a pub based on the roll of a die. I don't recall the name of the place, but I checked out the beer selection and the menu, and it looks really good based off that. 

Friday's also the day that I take care of boring stuff that needs to be done, like laundry and cleaning. Like I said, it's not exciting, but it makes me feel better for the rest of the week and lets me go into Saturday without having to mess with it at all. Because I expect to head over to Uncle's Games around noon for Magic, I can appreciate that.

I got my cards in the mail, and made some tweaks to my Standard deck - everything under the cut won't make any real sense unless you play. Why am I posting it? For fun, I guess. =)

M:tG )

Additional  Info:
Just came back from a trip to Uncle's for some test games. I didn't get to run it up against any Standard decks, but it plays smoothly and consistently. The person I played with recommended switching the Mold out for 3 more Rain of Tears. After running it, it seems like it might be a good idea.

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( Jun. 16th, 2009 11:01 pm)
Bought a small series of Magic cards online that I'd had a difficult time finding. The deck I'm playing now is a bit rubbish, but I'm really excited to see how it'll run once I get the new tech in for it.  Until I do, though, I get to set the cards aside and focus on some other stuff. It's not uncommon for me to have a few things I do at once, but I tend to obsess a bit, which doesn't actually lead to an increase in the quality of my work so it's a moot point.

I woke up feeling shitty, and it took some effort to get out of bed. Not wanting to talk to anyone doesn't bode well for a job in customer service, but I can't really afford to take time off and still accomplish the financial goals I've set for myself, so off I go. I've been getting more sleep lately, but I haven't been eating right, so I made sure I went off to the grocery today.

I've been spending more time on the internet then I want to, so aside from jotting my thoughts on occasion or a few other things which I actually need to do, I'm more or less taking some time off from it again. I was more productive and felt like I had more time before I spent my evenings on the glowing box, and I've just been defaulting to hanging out on forums by inertia.

There are several projects on the books. I haven't decided what my next one is. I'm cleaning house today, so plenty of think time.
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( Jun. 15th, 2009 10:29 am)
Magic has been my number one current hobby at the moment, taking up the bulk of my non-work time which, because of my hours, is in a little bit of a short supply. If you play this game, you get a feel for the decks you play, and my Standard deck is rubbish at the moment (not to mention not even being entirely composed). The problem is the mana curve and the fact that I spend several turns doing absolutely nothing before anything happens. By that time, it's too late.

Here's what it looks like under the cut on the chance that you follow Magic.

G/R/B Land Destruction )

The perscription? More cowbell. )

Work was busy yesterday, to my chagrin. I didn't approve at all. Most of the helpdesk called off work for one reason or another and I ended up stuck fielding the bulk of the call ins with whoever else actually came in. I computed Atol's exp, and I'm working on hammering out conceptual stats, meaning I'm probably bringing books into work again today. I also have to pay bills, which is a drag, but I've been good and stuck to my budget despite being sorely tempted to blow it out of the water.

I blew my weekend off to do whatever, and if you've got lots of things you want to accomplish, then I recommend it. The actual details of 'how' involve a stack of aluminum cans and a daunting amount of stacked cardboard which can be followed by checking the linked entry on my Facebook. It's true that I enjoy finding new ways to repeat myself, but I assume you wouldn't get anything out of that.

While it remains to be seen if I'll actually have the time to keep up with this kind of thing, I renewed my Cam membership (I hadn't actually realized it lapsed, but the point was moot) in the hopes of maybe playing the same old character or branching out. I feel like I have a few ideas I could bring to Requiem that'd be fun and I'm juggling concepts for Mage. There's something about that prick Atol that makes me want to return to his character, but I've had several concepts that keep popping up. Many of them seem surprisingly mundane, like I can't get past playing someone who was really steeped in being normal and things just became progressively weird about everything else.

Since I signed back up, I need to bring Atol back though, if only because I don't feel like he ever really got a resolution. Without going into it forever, he started off as a terrible character (not a bad person, just kind of two dimensional) and got better. Then I turned into a terrible player, which is something I've got my reasons for, anyway.

So yeah, I've sent out some messages, because my copy of my prestige is hopelessly corrupt and won't open. I had backed it up, but it seems I backed it up post-corruption, so that doesn't seem to do me any good. It was probably out of date, anyway. Without it, I don't have a record of any MC, which is tangenital, but irritating. If the VST Coordinator/Mage VST doesn't have records of it somewhere, I might have to bug Stephanie, who certainly isn't obligated to worry about it anymore, anyhow. It would be kind of funny to have this character from 2006 without any recorded playtime. My information in the CRD was very accurate until the reset, at which point I rely on it to have exactly nothing more then my starting point-buy. Even that doesn't look accurate to my recollections. 

I got a package from my father and picked up my booster box on Friday showering with years of collected bits of cardboard that I'm surprisingly excited about. I haven't felt this excited about Magic since before college.

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( May. 26th, 2009 11:50 pm)
I had a bunch of stuff I expected to do this evening that didn't get done, but instead I talked with someone I hadn't chatted with in a long time. It's funny how you can talk with someone for two hours and not notice how long you've been there. When I went back to St. Louis to visit for December, I was out almost every other night at least, and I still didn't get to do everything I wanted. I intend to go back this summer, soon, and I don't think it'll get any better, regarding time.

Just this Sunday, I edited one of my journals to kind of resemble the old amber-and-black screens from old Apple machines. I was pretty proud, because it took about an hour to track down every indication of the old formatting and replace it with something appropriate. When I finally submitted it, the only thing anyone had to say was Brent informing me that I was missing scanlines.

I took that to heart and when I went home, I opened up Photoshop and made my first attempt at scanlines. Failure. At 2x2 and alternating black and transparent, it basically made it unreadable. I may have screwed something up, but regardless, I will be successful.

Vi got into Magic just a little later then me. Someone at Monday's play group said it for me - "When a deck you design does well, you're proud of it. You want it to do well, even if you're not playing it." It's kind of true. I want to hear that she built decks based on the rough guidelines and wins. So... proud...
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( May. 23rd, 2009 10:06 am)
My weekends are starting to get a little more busy. Friday was internet and gaming night, which went well. Mage: the Awakening played out almost exactly like a Guy Ritchie movie, featuring the protagonists and their cable of hard drinking ex-cops and cons named 'The Aristrocrats' (snap).
Today I was thinking of logging onto FFXI to play, because my internet is hooked back up, but I've decided to go out to the tournament again today because I didn't go yesterday and it's draft today. So, probably playing until 6, and then out to dinner at a randomized location.

Sunday is work and Monday is meeting up with a different group for Magic: the Gathering again. I know one or two guys from work and the rest I've never met before, but I got invited when I mentioned that I was getting back into it so it was as easy as that.

Magic players have always gotten kind of a bad rap. There certainly are skeezy ones, I won't even argue. And ones without social graces. But generally I've found them to be a pretty diverse and cool group of people. In many cases, it's as simple as bringing a deck and saying, "Hey, I'm here to play." In that regards, it's not unlike kindergarten. Pull up a chair, friend.

I'm really looking forward to the next Mage session. This one ended when I looked at one of the antagonists character sheets. It's Hideki Oki from the core book, and he's kind of a badass, but he's not a good magician. He's a troubled and mentally unbalanced killer, instead, so while nobody could tell who he was by scrying, he didn't expect someone to use magic and then cross reference a police database to check his plates. I gleefully told them he lived alone in a small apartment in Seattle, and they broke in silently. What followed busted me up.

After breaking in and rolling successful stealth checks, one of them decides the sleeping baddie needs to be unconcious, so he pistol whips him, doing a little damage and waking him up violently and turns on nightsight. The other guy decided to use a tactic he saw on television and start shouting at him to get up to disorient him while grappling, but he rolled his Composure + Resolve vs. Intimidate + Manipulation and avoided the grab. The third guy didn't have Stealth as a skill, so he was waiting in the hallway as backup. When he came in, he didn't realize that one of the characters is wearing what are effectively night vision goggles and flips the light, prompting everyone to groan and try to remain unfased.

The character that burst in, as he flips on the light, brings his pistol to bare and takes a shot at Hideki, whos' grazed, but spends a willpower to open the window and tumble out, knocking over a planter filled with mud and some sad looking ex-flowers. The dumpster diving corporate espionage guy grabs him through the windows and beats him about the neck and sholders, while captain nightsight is back on the ball and takes a quick shot (minus the penalty for cover) and puts a bullet through the killer's eye. Hideki tumbles back over the railing of his 5th floor apartment, setting of car alarms and angering stray cars and neighbors.

Queue cursing and frantic morality rolls, as one character is excited at the kill but dubious why he's rolling for a Morality 3 degeneration check while the others are trying to remember if they wanted to kill this guy or not, while looting the room for electronics or evidence. So, there's going to be a police chase next, probably, and it's going to be a riot at the Concilium meetings. I laughed my ass off.
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( May. 17th, 2009 03:48 pm)
I feel kind of crummy today. It feels like someone has been punching me in the throat, and the rest of my body took notes because while it's my sinuses that are all screwed up, the rest of my body feels sore as well. It could be that I'm sick, but it's always hard for me to tell the difference between just kind of having a bad day and actually having taken ill. I've decided that I'll know if I'm in worse condition tomorrow then I am today. =(

I haven't been thinking critically about gaming for some time, and when one of the couples that participated in our Exalted game broke up, that really put another spoke in the wheels of my gaming. I always feel that's a drag and I've been having a bad time of it lately because my differing shift didn't make things easier, either. I do have a Mage game on Friday, though, and I've started playing Magic: the Gathering again.

Even before my cards were stolen several years ago, I had stopped playing seriously. The group that I had spent my high school years playing with basically disbanded for a wide number of reasons and I went to college, myself, where I actually spent the larger part of my time either studying or trying to study. A combination of broke-a-tude and no time makes this particular obsession untenable, so the theft was really just the final nail in that particular hobby coffin.

Ever since my schedule changed and I moved, I had been spending an increasing amount of time just sitting around in my wi-fi-less apartment not doing much of anything. Basically, I started playing to hang out with people. When I consider why I played in the first place, I recall the reasons were very much the same - it was easy to strike up aquaintences if you both play Magic; just ask if they want to play a game with you.

This weekend, er, well, Friday I spent some time doing RPG design work of a particularly Exalted bent. One of my loves in that game are weird Martial Arts styles*, and the only way for Sidereals to manifest original abilities is to create an entire style. More to the point, I had an idea of a gunslinging martial art and the one listed in Player's Guide is notoriously poor. When I compared it to others of its type, I winced because even though it had a lot of great flavor, it divided up a bunch of Charms that should have been bundled together and its effects were noth overcosted and underpowered compared to other charms.

I understand that firewands are potent weapons, so maybe they felt they had to curb the power of those charms, but honestly it wasn't an outstanding tree and firewands don't do anything a giant slab of metal with a molocule-wide edge isn't going to do to someone. I had a lot of fun writing some of the charms, including the charm names, but I'm about two or three charms from actually being done with it, so I'm not sure where I need to go with those.

* one of the things that raise my ire is part of their in-game meta-physics.

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( Apr. 19th, 2009 11:28 am)
So, here I am at work again. Where I was initially considering calling in sick, because I woke up fairly miserable, things cleared up pretty well after I sat up and moved about a little making me assume that it was mostly sinuses. Now, a fella' will want two days off in a row if he can get 'em, but failin' that, it's alright to go to work and get paid, so that's what I'm up to today.

Moving to this new shift almost put a moratorium on my gaming, but my players really came through. I'm always worried that I don't run a very good game, but if people didn't want to play, this really was the perfect time to say 'Well, that's the only day that's really available, so we'll have to stop." and nobody did, so that's kind of my indirect proof. My games are slowly getting better, and I've really learned that running games is a learned skill. So, Mage is this Friday and Exalted is next week.

I still don't have internet access at my place, and I'm still not worried by that. I haven't even made the call yet. Really, I feel like I'm taking a bit of a vacation from all that, even though there have been at least two moment where it would have been really useful to have access. A simple walk or drive down the street gives me a free connection that's as strong as I could ask for - until it gets late and I get kicked out of Starbucks, that is. Probably this week, I'll go ahead and pony up the cash to get basic cable and a connection, but until then, I'm not really sweating it. I'm not really more productive (probably a lot less then usual, actually, since research is a lot harder for me), but I'm pretty relaxed. I re-watched all of Stand Alone Complex for the first time in maybe a year, and it was totally worth it.

On Friday, feeling a little restless after work, I ducked into Crossroads mall to see if they had Infernals for the Exalted 2e line yet. I run a 1e game, but frankly, I'm interested enough in the book to backport certain parts of it to suit my sinister need for villains. I haven't quite decided if Abyssals or Infernals are going to get the nod as the big bad, but I'm leaning towards Abyssals, making Infernals an intriguing idea for anti-hero NPCs to either be sided with or against in resistance to the necrotic Deathlords. (thunder cracks in the background). As usual, it wasn't in, and I didn't really expect it since it was just a ruse to kill time. Instead, I saw on the board that there was a Magic: the Gathering draft at 6 PM and I was just in time to sign up. It's been a few years at this point, but lacking anything better to do, I put down some money and drafted with everyone else.

First of all, the draft was huge. There were three tables full of players, so the CCG scene here is alive and flourishing. Second, I'm terrible at Magic. I didn't draft enough spells and I ended up losing 0-3-drop. Still, it was fun and I met some new people, and there's a pre-release draft this upcoming Saturday that I'll probably go to. Neat.
Did you know there's a 'good' emoticon, but not a 'bad' one? And on this image set, the good one has a little halo - as if it indicated moral or spiritual goodness. The closest they probably have, then, is 'naughty' which really has kind of a different connotation. They also have flirty, horny, and hot, but hot really just seems to indicate that one's temperature is too high. 

I think my favorite is probably horny, because it gets tiny little horns. Like, in addition to being sexually aroused, the icon has also genetically mutated. Let this be a warning to you all.

Right now, I'm feeling tired and hungry, but I'm chiefly feeling pretty mellow on account of nothing happening. I don't hear any of the prelude to terror that is represented by howling winds tonight, so with any luck I'll just end up thinking about political blogs and gaming all night. 



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