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( Dec. 4th, 2008 07:50 am)
I've tried to get a pet transport group to fly my rat out several times, and each time I'm able to make a call, the answer is different but the result is the same. Some won't set up to fly to my area and some won't take anything but dogs and cats, and some just can't be reliably contacted. I asked one for an online quote and it only took a week to get an e-mail back from them. All the while my rat is being taken care of, which I'm really grateful for, but honestly I've been imposing for quite a while at this point.

I think the issue is that Seattle isn't too rough to get service in, but the midwest is a little more difficult. There's a travel dynamic going on there where there needs to be staff in at least the pickup city. I just have no real idea how this kind of business works, so it's hard for me to determine what I'm supposed to be expecting these companies to do. I'm calling another group today, and this seems like the most professional so far, so I hope it works out. At this point, I might be able to arrainge to be at both the pickup city and the drop-off at the same time, which really is the very best situation, so that's what I'm going to try for. My fingers are crossed.

Oh. I already told Matt and many people already know this, but if you're interested, my flight has been officially booked for the 20th and I'll be returning back in to Seattle on the 1st. That's really a pretty healthy amount of time. Of course I'd like to visit longer, but I've basically had my visit extended by something like four days because of strategically chosen time off. I might of been able to extend it another three, but I decided against pushing my luck.
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( Oct. 24th, 2008 10:17 pm)
Does anyone know how to get a rat mailed 1700 miles?
Yeah, that's my mood, but I feel more like  " ;__; "
No, I'm not complaining. In fact, my energy level has generally gone way up. I find myself with a greater appetite* and in a better mood. If you've commented that I look better or healthier then I have in a long time, you arn't the only one it seems. I feel better, too, so. That isn't to say I don't have anxious or lonely moments these days, because I absolutely do, including the occasional feeling of vertigo still. But it's not constant anymore, and that makes a huge difference.

Ok, party yesterday. Good times! It had been way too long since I'd played Mage at all. I really enjoy the character interaction, and I just wish there were more people willing to play in the venue. I kinda scuff my feet when I think about having tried to get other friends to play and not really succeeding on that part. Vampire was good too, but the way I explain my inevitable participation, I just don't think I'm as good at Vampire as I am at Mage. Talking about quality in rp'ing... I think about Vampire a lot because I think I'm missing something key and if I understood it, I'd be able to play better. Anyhow, thoughts about that can wait for another day.

Late night, into the morning party. I'm glad I went. I feel that I would have really missed out on a few really critical things if I had gone to a different venue yesterday. Everyone was great, and I have no complaints, even though when it got really late I felt it was clear that old groups gelled into talking circles and after a certain point in the evening, I was just kind of watching everyone talk. There were certain social interactions that were just stunningly apparent, but that you don't get to see so obviously every day. Basically, I thought it was fun and a little weird to think that I was learning more about my friends in this fun, relaxed atmosphere, and then I'm leaving so soon! But, of course, I'll be back, too. I have to because, as I said to [profile] drbuzzkill, I have to come back to drink properly with everyone. And game. Right! Of course, game.

So, I'd love to chat about my reflections more, since I got a lot out of last night. But I need to ship my poor, adorable ratties off and demonstrate the care and feeding of their tiny, furred selves to Brian, who is thoughtfully making sure they don't perish in my absence. I have little money, which is why I have lavished their apartment in gaming systems, rpg books, and games. ^_^; I've got a fairly busy day ahead, and tomorrow, and Tuesday is my flight.

* Still pretty small, in general. But eating multiple meals a day! Gasp!
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( Jun. 17th, 2008 01:38 am)
So tired!
I need to do a little house work and I owe some people calls. It's been awful trying to get people to pick up, even if they're expecting me. I assume people are busy, but I honestly have no idea. Whew.

Things are ok. I blew a day just hanging out, which was pretty fun, but I've decided I'd rather sit on the curb on a nice day, or at a cafe (a million times more at a cafe) then sit on Frank's couch, no matter how nice it is. I think there's something about his apartment that really bugs me. It's just so boring.

Got in contact with the vet! The rats are just fine. There's no reason for surgery, despite the mass on Momma Rat, because the operation would be more harmful then just leaving it there. Which is ok by me, since the 300 really set me back, and I wasn't looking forward to another bill. So, there's another thing to cross off the list.

Dunno about a party on Friday. I'll know by tomorrow, I think, and if there isn't, I'll just go to some movie night thing that I got surprisingly invited to. I just don't even know who'd be able to go, it's so short notice.

Game on Saturday. I'll be there.

Addition: I got back home around 1:30, 2-ish, and thought I was freaking out. Well, no, I realized what I did and it's your basic time-frame-reference mistake. I was tired all day, which is normal, because at this point, I'm used to being asleep. Starting at 4, I just started pouring caffeine into my system to keep me up. Everyone's favorite stimulant has kind of a short shelf-life once its in the system, but it jolted even me severely to the point I'm used to being awake, even though I'm a little low on sleep.

There's just not much to do about this. Just try to catch a nap so I don't crap out at the wrong time, maybe catch a few hours in the wee bits of the morning, and just power on until night falls again. I'll likely be in good spirits, but pretty exhausted all day today. Recently, some of my thoughts have been giving me unpleasant pauses, but nothing like drama or anything. Just some minor frustrations around the house.
Some misc thoughts on what's otherwise a really gorgeous day. Seriously. 

The thing that really gets me, though, is some of the drama in my life recently. I don't normally talk about stuff like that, since it basically invites drama onto my journal; something I've been very wary about since I was in high school, but it's really more of a leadup into something that I see as a bigger problem in society in general. Besides the typical workplace shit I've come to expect, I hear a lot of secondhand stuff that seems to indicate that women in vulnerable positions tend to end up staying vulnerable because it's hard for them to find someone to trust. 

This isn't your typical 'why don't girls like nice guys' screed (which is a massive pet peeve of mine, and something I've gone out of my way to lay into people I don't even know for, which is pretty unusual for me) but rather that the people who lament about girls not liking nice guys tend to be pretty rotten individuals in the first place, and a lot of people who masquerade as friends are really just looking for something. As a guy, I think it's a lot easier for me to find real, supportive friends amoung both sexes because I don't have to be as worried that someone's trying to take advantage of my emotional state. From what I've seen, though, I think a women would be much better off to limit herself to either supportive female friends, or male friends whose intentions she knows. I've just seen too many women I've known fall into a vulnerable position and suddenly feel like they're surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. 

This is especially touchy because just like Mr. "Why Don't Girls Like Nice Guys", Mr. "So, I Hear You're Not Dating Anyone" or Mr. "You've Had Sex In The Past, So I Assume You Put Out" don't really realize that what they're doing is disingenuous and predatory. In many ways, they're just following the social cues they're told to expect and don't see anything wrong with their actions. Being turned down makes the women the bad 'guy' in the scenerio, because she's being unreasonable, unfair, or close-minded. I feel that this is basically the patriarchy at work, a social construction designed to make women feel worse about themselves and put them in a disadvantaged situation. To society, women are prey. If you're up, it'll try to knock you down. If you're down, it'll keep kicking you. Seeing people I've known and otherwise like and respect from high school to post-college engage in this behavior is dissipointing to say the least.
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( May. 27th, 2008 05:35 pm)
I've got this appointment at the vet for my rats tomorrow at 11:30 am. I've had it for a little while, but I didn't feel it was real important to let everyone at work know what I was doing on my day off, since it really doesn't apply to them. Got a message in my mailbox at work from yesterday saying that the boss has set up a mandatory meeting for 10 AM tomorrow without letting anyone know ahead of time.

It's for the night ops especially. They set it up for 10 AM. When we're usually sleeping. Like, we get off work at 8. And then the meeting is at 10. And it goes till noon. What is the other op supposed to do for 2 hours until the meeting? Stick around? Go home? How about me? They didn't inform me until last night in email.

So, I'm not going. No way. I'm turning off my phone and going to the vet.

In other news, my dad didn't really understand what I meant when I said I was going to move. He didn't really believe it until I told him I bought tickets for the 24th. The first thing he said was, "Well, I'll miss you here." which was actually pretty touching.

EDIT: Vet bill was huge. It was nearly 300 dollars to get my rats examined, and even if nothing had been wrong at all, I still would have walked out 80 dollars poorer due to exam fees. It's 40 bucks just to look at a rat, I guess.
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( May. 22nd, 2008 10:25 pm)
I woke up bushed, and I didn't go anywhere all day though I was able to get in touch with the local vet to see if they took care of rats. I got a 'maybe', which means I get to set an appointment and have them looked at and then I'll know what I'm doing next. Viski suggested going to Montclare some time ago, but I've always had good luck with this place in the past and they're right up the street, so if they'll take them I'll probably just go there. 

Just because I didn't go out doesn't mean I just sat around though. I actually didn't have that much time for much, so after I checked my messages and stuff, I helped with dinner, gave the rats a bath and cleaned their cage. I've rarely seen anything quite as irate as a wet rat. I soaked the protective hoodie I wore while bathing them to protect myself from tiny rat claws, but it was good I wore it 'cause they seriously endeavored to scamper up my arm. Baby Rat succeeded, at which point I decided her bath was over, because wet and shivering, she refused to come down from my shoulder. 

Actually, she didn't just run up my sleeve, she crawled inside the sleeve and scampered up through there, presumably to stay hidden.  I gave them each a piece of ham and a raisin as a peace offering, and they seemed to forgive me. After I finished with their cage, I was amazed at how much more fulfilled I felt after doing an hour of pet stuff then I did after a full night of work. I wouldn't want to clean pets for a living, but it just kinda proves that we make our own fulfillment. I spent most of the rest of the evening rooting around for things to possibly bring to the yardsale, though I don't expect everything to be considered worthwhile.  I was just kinda like, "What? This is what I got? Crayons I never used, some outdated role-playing books, and some assorted non-fiction?" I think I've got some shirts I don't wear anymore somewhere, but I typically give that away every few months. I always thought of myself asa someone who accumulates stuff, who had to really work to defeat that habit, but I guess I succeeded some time ago. ^_^;
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( May. 16th, 2008 01:42 pm)
I don't mention them very often, maybe because they're so low maintenance, but I've become the caretaker for a pair of little girl rats. I love 'em, but lately the Momma Rat seems to have acquired a tumor. I'm told that this isn't uncommon and, in fact, I'm pretty sure that Baby Rat needed an operation for a minor one before Vi and I were able to adopt her. I'm increasingly convinced that they need to see a vet though, because I'm starting to suspect Momma might have another one. There's a vet not too far away, and I'll be trying to set up an appointment probably tomorrow, but until then, I'm a little worried. Honestly, I've never been the pet caretaker, so this kind of thing is a little foreign to me. I'm also a little worried about costs. Rats are tiny, but that won't stop the vet bill from being large.

I called work from Edwardsville to let them know I wouldn't be in today. Of course, I'm having trouble getting the other op to pick up, but that's not really unreasonable considering I woke up really early today to get my day started... at 11 AM. There's a good chance she's just sleeping and'll return my call later this afternoon, but it's not something I want to fool around on. So I called my father to let him know I was ill, and let Boss Jr. know, too.

Ended up renewing my Cam membership despite my irritating hours lately. I've noticed a kind of one good month, one bad month cycle to what weekends I have available right now, which is enough to make me think I can handle showing up fairly regularly. I've made what I'd consider a token effort at least to convince Wormtongue to join as long as games didn't interfere with their normal plans. Vampire has never been their favorite game line, though, and time is a real issue for all of us, so while it's possible it could happen in the future, I don't think I'd be able to expect any more cabal members for poor Atol any time soon. I admit my selfish motives! I require more band members! Also, a second Mage game a month would make my heart pitter-patter, but honestly, it's difficult enough to show up right now. So, I'm making a sad face, neow.

My rats really are adorable. If you've never met them, they're really sweet. So, I hope they're ok, but I'd better stop hanging out with them and get a move on if I want to be timely.

EDIT: Update.
I didn't end up going to the spa party for a few reasons, some lesser ones being that it would have ended up a logistical nightmare. I'm tempted to call tonight to ask how it went, but in the event that it ran long or turned into your default slumber party, I've held off. So let me know how it went! =D

Instead of trying to make it the long way to St. Peter's then, today, I opted into the showing of the Chronicles of Narnia. It was supposed to be an event with a group, because a lot of people showed up for it, even in from St. Louis. Sadly, it was kind of lame. The pre-show get together was supper at a bar where we couldn't hear ourselves talk and the beer was too pricy. We were supposed to head out for drinks after, but the movie was longer then a lot of people figured it would be and most people went home. Specifically, I blame the nightlife scene in the area, since I think the closest good places to hang out in the evenings are in St. Louis or maybe Edwardsville. Otherwise, it's houseparties all the way, but nobody really was offering.

How was the movie? Eh. Some good scenes, but overall it felt really shallow. Maybe it was because I missed the first movie, but I suspect it was mostly because it was a big-budget kids movie with some Christian allegory for good measure. It certainly wasn't a bust of an evening, though, but I'm not sure that I'd skip work for it again.

Turns out that anyone taking a day off anywhere will mess up the schedule a little bit. It was already bad, and now it's moved a little again. I'm going to re-check my next few months on Google calender at work tomorrow and see when I'm good to play. I think I get a few available days, and some that I didn't have before.


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