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( Jul. 23rd, 2016 05:02 pm)
On the 8th, I sent an email to my committee chair with my draft, and my more complete notes that spoke to my work in the draft and my overall direction and focus. A week later, I emailed my chair asking to push the draft reception by the committee readers past the 28th, because I did have a reasonable amount drafted, but nothing like a complete draft, and nothing polished. I did get some notes back on the draft a week after I sent it, asking me to "explain what science fiction was" to my committee - one of whom writes extensively on video games, including Mass Effect. The chair herself is a reader of fiction along the lines of both Harry Potter and taught a class on steampunk - I thought she'd had a generally okay grasp on sci-fi basics (as in, what it is), but somehow that assumption wasn't correct.

Not sure how to deal with that.

I asked when she'd be in the office, because her office hours are not a good indicator of when she'll be around. Didn't get a response for five days, got one back on the one day I didn't check my email first thing telling me she'd be in that very day - well, I spent most of the day at the hospital with Kay, so it didn't matter. Good to know that stuff ahead of time, yeah? She was on vacation.

At this point, I drop her a line to let her know where I'm at on the deadline an to put in the appearance of expecting feedback. This has not been... fruitful. 


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