It's been a distracting, frustrating previous week which has left me both broke financially and mentally strained, but it's Monday and I'm hoping for a pretty productive week overall.

Archon is a big St. Louis - Collinsville area sci-fi convention, and I'm probably not going again this year. Usually it depends on if I have any money, but I went last year and I've really not been impressed in the last several years when I've been there. Considering it's usually really expensive for me to go, as well as time-consuming and stressful, it's not really been worth the investment. Beer is free in the evening with the price of the day or weekend admission, but I can just purchase the dollar amount's worth of alcohol if I wanted and hang out with my friends another time - if that's what I want out of the convention scene in the first place.

Spectacle has it's place, sure. But the programming's just not worth it, and the party isn't as entertaining or novel as it used to be. So. It's a wash anyhow, though, since I'm going to a wedding on Saturday, which is the best con day anyhow, and that'll take up the whole evening. There's no way this time, then, that I see myself over there.

Just got 1200 dollars in car repairs finished after my AC compressor literally melted. There's a whole deal associated with this, of course, but it's generally bad news and a huge drag, so maybe I'll write on it later but probably it's not worth it for you or me. I have, like, four days to get my emissions cleared and my plates renewed or I'll be driving illegally and... I don't want that. So, I'm working on it. Can't get emissions clear until the converter resets in my engine after the work's been done on it, and it didn't clear even after two hours of highway driving, so I'm making another two hour round trip tomorrow instead of putting it off until a better day to get that shit taken care of.

Just, like. Fuckin'. Exhausting. I'm very tired.

I finished game three of Xenosaga, which is a series better experienced for its flaws than its successes. I... want to get into it, but it's frustrating. There's a lot there. It's taken me a long time to get through it because I haven't exactly been sitting down for marathon gaming sessions, lately, but I'm really missing what the game could have been versus what it ended up actually being.

I picked up Fallout 4, which has been sitting dormant for a while, and now that the shine's off it a little, I'm actually less impressed with it now than when I initially sat down to play it. Like 3 and New Vegas, it's basically "Fetch-Quest: The Game," and there's some fun in that, but I find myself getting bored with it. A series of interminable "Go here and empty the place out." sessions, no negotiation, set-piece character growth that just... stops after a certain point. After a certain amount of time playing a game, I get a feel for its DNA - what the game does and doesn't do. If you go back - and I'm not suggesting you try it because I don't know how long you'd even be looking for it - you'll find an entry where I'm discussing a desire for community building in Fallout, negotiating, trading, building - and with Fallout 4, we're really close. So close. But it just doesn't make it. Honestly, I'm probably going to drop my session, let it sit again, and restart with an interest in building, primarily. It's the only thing I like about the new entry, but I like it a lot, so it's worth it from that perspective only.

Thesis is coming along. It's done, just in pieces that I'm working on assembling. I've had some real setbacks in the writing process, but I'm feeling okay about it.


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