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( Sep. 5th, 2017 02:43 pm)
It's obviously been busy because it's always busy, but this one involved the trip to the Chicago area and then an immediate 180 degree turn to head back in this direction. Friday was an early morning, and rapidly heading out of the house to pick up our friend, and pretty much everything went wrong. We had to get air and gas, and the pumps were out at several of the stations we tried, and then even though we were running late, our friend really didn't have his stuff together, and we functionally had to help him totally repack at the spur of the moment.

Difficulties snowballed, and instead of getting back to a hotel to rest at about 2-3 like we planned, it ended up being about 7:30, with us being totally exhausted. Instead of doing any reading and swimming, we just ate and went to bed. Saturday was easier, but it was still a 5 hour drive back with a slightly later start than on Friday, so we ended up with both of our days completely dissolved to this task. However, you know, the upside is that the bulk of our expenses were reimbursed and otherwise the poor sap would have ended up in some nowhere hole of a town - it's just a relief that it's done.


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