Several years ago, we were t-boned in a residential intersection by someone who wasn't really paying attention, and the impact spun Kay's car around 180 degrees. We were fortunate to escape any kind of injury; it was a pretty low-speed collision, but whiplash is still a real thing. Unfortunately, the car itself was pretty old and it sustained body damage. The insurance company totalled it out, which is a practice I have Opinions on, but can't really be helped. The damage was too much to repair and couldn't be done in installments, but the vehicle was driveable until pretty recently when the ride got too rough for Kay to really feel comfortable with. The frame was rubbing axle or something - I don't know - nobody could really determine what exactly the issue was.

So since January, Kay's been driving my car and I've been unemployed. I don't really mind the title of homemaker, honestly, since it's not as though I'm lounging around. With the pets and Kay's current overtime work schedule combined with college courses, there's very little slack in the schedule and where there is some, it's typically in 30-minute increments in my day. That's with the two of us combined. But since the job's going well, and it's very reliable (finally), we're looking at getting a new car.

Just at the same time as someone rearends my car, too. Once again, there's body damage, but it's not really visible and I'm told it won't render the car undriveable. So I'm fixing the exhaust because I need to, but it's put us in a frustrating bind. I already spoke about that a little, it's just still on my mind, so I guess it's made its way back here. We're both of the same mind that we'd rather repair than buy, even at the same cost, and we'd rather buy used than buy new - for eco reasons, in part, but also for personal and ideological reasons. With a house, I'd always choose to buy an old one and refurbish than buy a new one at the same price. I'll always opt to buy something of higher quality that will last much longer than buy something cheap - unless I'm forced. I'm also personally attached to my car. I tend to drive them until they're impossible to repair. Given the opportunity, we'll repair Kay's old vehicle too, because there's no particularly compelling reason for me not to feel like I should.

Unlike Kay, I do actually have a little time. Like, it tends to be spread out through the day, but it's there, and if I kind of neglect housework for a day or so, things get messy but don't actually fall apart. (That's usually what happens on the Wednesday game night cycle into Thursday, where I spend all day cleaning.) I'm trying to catch up on several years of media backlogs, and my cartoon-loving friends are still all over Kill la Kill, so I'm like... tentatively checking it out. I have a certain amount of weird dislike for Gurren Lagann, which is supposed to be similar, but I'll give it it's due.

The big sticking point seems to be the fan service, which isn't really an issue for me? I know we're all in this phase of feeling obligated to come up with some justification for this stuff, so I see a lot of dude fans shamefacedly offering disclaimers - oh, yeah, well... the fanservice... yes, but there are reasons... it's satire. There's a justification! DESPITE THIS I think you'll like it... try not to judge...

I'm just like, my dude, fella, the women fans of the show don't seem to have the same kinds of hangups. I am not concerned about this. My issue is with pretend-depth, or a show pretending to have something important to say and doing it dully or badly. I didn't dislike Gurren Lagann because Yoko's implausibly hydraulic - I disliked it because I found it to be boring, and no amount of giant machines or anime mammaries is going to change the quality of the writing or pacing. It just didn't hit me at the right stage of my watching development for me to be inspired by it. Whether Kill la Kill watches the same or it doesn't is really up to the franchise itself. I wasn't really pumped by the first episode, but since I'm only watching one a day, giving it 20 minutes of my time to convince me over a week or so isn't really something I mind and at least I'll have an informed opinion.


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