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( Apr. 4th, 2017 11:57 am)
Enough happened between Friday and Monday that I genuinely am having trouble narrowing my subject, and I don't really want to get any more verbose on this platform then I already tend to. We had finished the last game where there was any any real conflict for WoD weeks ago, and I had finished writing the Epilogue almost immediately after. So, on Sunday, we concluded the Epilogue, too, which felt good.

Monday Kay had to take off for medical, and also because it was the only day we could really take the car we've been trying to buy on a pre-purchase inspection. It was easily a twelve hour day, and when we got back to the dealership, it was getting pretty close to closing time. We'd picked up the car at about 1 PM and got it back at about 5:30, which was a lot later than planned, but it was a matter of driving across the river and to two mechanics, and back.

The car itself is fine. It's a 2009 Suburu with 130k miles on it, so it's got some wear, but overall it looks good. A pretty fair amount of work had to be done on the engine, there are some minor mechanical problems and the seat belt needs to be replaced, but the service team at the dealership did a good job on the engine. Blue Book value, based on damage, wear, and minor mechanical issues would put it around 8k, which we're ready to pay. 10k out the door. All we really wanted to do when we got back to the dealership is drop it off, let them know we were going to finish acquiring financing, and that we should be up on the weekend to sign off on it, but the salesman wanted to make an ass of himself, and we were obliged to be his audience.

This is a dude who has had every opportunity to sell this car, and has mostly done the opposite. He's worked to obscure information, has actively mislead us about the status of the car,in some cases he's actively lied to us. He's attempted to gaslight Kay first by saying one thing and then saying the opposite, and blaming Kay for misunderstanding, misrepresenting back to him, or just asserting that Kay's making shit up. There have been times when he's simply meandered off without any real explanation. He's claimed he doesn't know the Blue Book value for the car, has claimed he doesn't understand how the turbo works, and that he wasn't aware of the nature of the problems with the engine. So, you know, after all of that he pulls us back into a cubical off the sales floor and it's like... 30 minutes until close. I know he wants to do something with this machine, but he tries to give us the hard sell right on the spot.

Kay's like - we got it back from inspection and here are some diagnosed problems we're concerned about. So, dude says, we've already sunk a lot of money into this car and we're not spending any more than we need to in order to get it saleable in this state. This price, he says, "isn't subject to negotiation." He says, okay, and this is a used car salesman, but he says that "I'm not trying to hard sell you. I'm not trying to say take it or leave it, but here's what we're gonna do." And he writes a price down on a sales sheet of 11,000. "Sign this," he says, "we'll charge you 95.50 in administrative fees and we'll get started." Then he adds the prices together - the paper mentions something that he doesn't say outright - it's a promise to pay.

So, I'm like, wait, stop. "You said that this isn't negotiable, which I understood to mean that you're not willing to pay any more on the repairs, including the seatbelt damage, is that right?" He says that's correct. "But you're saying that if we put 100 down now, the car will for sure be here on Saturday, because we're holding it for the week by starting the purchase." He says that this is not the case - we've started the process of purchasing, but anyone could just walking in with cash, he tells me, and buy it out from under.

Well, there's no point in me putting the money down now, then. "But, I say, you put 11,000 here, straight up. Are you telling me, when you say that there's no negotiating this price, that this price is also non-negotiable at this point?" Yes, he says. There is no discussing the price of eleven thousand dollars for something that's Blue Book 8,000 in fine condition, which is absolutely what this is. I said, "So you said, you're not saying take it or leave it, but it's 11k or bust?" Yes. "So that's take it or leave it." Yes.

So we said we're not deciding the price like that, and we're certainly not promising to pay 11k right this second without securing the funding in any kind of final way - you've got to be insane. And we walked the fuck out of his cubical and went home on the fucking spot. So he can think about that for a day or two, and we'll see if he's unwilling to negotiate next time we talk.


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