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( Jan. 21st, 2016 05:29 pm)
As part of my resolution, as I read or watch anything, I take notes on it - if it's just a movie or something brief, I just write some thoughts at the end. Since I'm doing a lot of lengthy research, I'm taking notes as I go. It doesn't take a lot of time in most cases, but it's a way of being thoughtful about what I'm consuming. Since, though, I've probably watched more movies since this year started already than I did all of last year, (which isn't saying much, to be honest) I've writted several pages of notation already. Took some time to watch The Man Who Fell to Earth last night, but I haven't written anything on it yet. Weird, disjointed piece of cinema.

Things are already very busy this semester. I'm much busier this week than I could have anticipated. I got my third reader for my thesis committee yesterday afternoon, and immediately went to another meeting with the professor who accepted the position as the head of the committee, but ended up staying really late on campus because of it. Now I'm spending time checking the notes I've already taken and compiling a reading list for the readers in order to get them up to speed on where I'm at right now, and because I seem like I'm farther ahead than was expected, we're shooting for me to have a prospectus in by mid-semester. So, the next thing I have to do is look up what a prospectus is.

I had accepted a position in a Pathfinder game this year, but because I really want to get a lot of this work done pretty much right away, in addition to a lot of stuff that's due tomorrow or Monday and Tuesday, I had to send an email to my friend and let him know I can't make the first session and I'll have to play catchup starting next week (where I can't see anything interfering with my plans - yet, anyhow). I'm writing this, at least in part, to kind of organize my thoughts for what I'm doing.

Teaching 102 seems like it might be better than 101. At least I'm assigning less work.


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