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( Aug. 6th, 2016 12:56 pm)
It's been a stressful week - this weekend's probably going to continue being so. The in-laws are doing this thing where... like, okay. 30th anniversary dinner, yeah? Kay's mom wants to go to a second-rate chain restaurant in the area. They're gonna bring a cake into the restauraunt. We can't not go - believe me, I've been trying to figure out a way to get out of it, but they've helped us financially and have no real qualms about reminding us whenever we waffle on going to social events with them.

I have no idea why they don't just go to a nice restauraunt for their 30th. Why would you be going to an Applebee's fuckin' knock-off and bring a fuckin' cake you baked into the place? They serve desserts, you know? Keep that shit at home, for godssakes. But the results are in - no hope of future financial assistance if we bail on the anniversary dinner. If you have to threaten people in order to get them to hang out with you, what's that say? Let's not look too close at that dynamic.

Went to Barnes-Jewish hospital for the second, and hopefully last time - the third visit to hospitals in general, lately - with Kay for a biopsy. It's not really a secret, but there's no sense in rattling on about it until things seemed clearer to us. Cancer is very unlikely, based on what we know, but we'll know for certain on Monday. That's something of a relief, finally, since we've been dealing with this for back and forth for over a month, and it's caused a certain amount of distress.

Hopefully, I'll have more fun things to talk about soon.


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