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( Aug. 31st, 2016 01:35 pm)
I was working on another entry, but the best part of it was the title. "Getting Good Reception."
Ha, I kill me!
But there wasn't too much to say - more along the lines of, "What didn't happen." As in, the bride was a childhood friend of Kay's but hadn't spoken to the family in a while, as she was too busy being in New York and doing New York shit. Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but it's because you're not talking to people as much, yes?

The bride and groom, then, ended up speaking with Kay's parents for a bit. We were initially setup to have them at our table, with several other younger, hipper(?) peeps. Suddenly, after the conversation and at the last minute, they were moved to one far across the dining room. Why? It's a mystery, I tell you.

I have not been sleeping well, and I have not been writing much, and these are both bad. My nerves are generally shot. Since Kay and I have been hustling side jobs for money to keep food in the fridge, the phone paid, and the water running, I've been exhausted and haven't had much time to concentrate. I'm writing today, which is actually really good for de-stressing, because the only thing that makes me feel better is working and writing. Kay is back in classes and has found work at a Cricket branch - don't know what that pays, but it's critical good news. I'm working on securing an interview for a Barnes & Noble opening here. Applications have ceased to be accepted, which is good. Interviews begin early next week. It's a job where I can say for sure that it would be difficult to find someone better qualified than me - years of retail experience, Black Friday credentials, pick training, operations experience, barista experience, Nook and tablet experience, literature degree, doesn't actually mind working anymore, likes helping people find books, and so on. I actually suppose that a Library Science degree would make me a technically stronger candidate, but then you have to find one around here. No garuntees, though.

Backwages are still trickling in. I'd prefer they all came in at once and to have seen that business relationship pay off better, but c'est la vive, innit.


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